Holt Alarms

Emergency Lighting

Current legislation requires the “Responsible Person”, to consider all aspects of Fire Safety within their premises and included in this requirement is the provision of  Emergency Lighting systems.

We can design, install and maintain your system ensuring Emergency Lighting is always operational to guide people to their exits in a power outage

Design and Installation

If your property should lose power the escape routes need to be illuminated sufficiently to allow a safe evacuation from the premises and illuminate the exit route to be followed including any change of direction, change of level, not forgetting stairways and final exit points inside and outside of the premises.


  1. Every month the site operators should perform a flick test, using the test switches provided to cut power off to the lights,  to make sure the emergency lights illuminate and then record check in the site Emergency Light/ Fire Prevention Log Book.
  2. A Competent Engineer should be called out so defects should be repaired as soon as practicable 
  3. Every 12 months a competent Engineer should undertake a full 3 hr battery drain down test and report results in the site Emergency Light/Fire Prevention log book
  4. Engineer to issue a certificate to site showing result
  5. Any repairs needed should be undertaken as soon as possible