Holt Alarms


Holt Alarms uses a 24 Hour Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Communicated Intruder and Fire Alarm Systems

In addition to the basic ‘bells only’ alarm system we also supply, install and maintain several types of ‘communicated’ intruder and fire alarm system. A communicated alarm system can alert the owner, key holder or a 24hour Alarm Receiving Centre of an alarm activation at the premises.

DualCom: Intruder and fire alarm dual-signalling devices for commercial and domestic premises

All leading Insurance companies will require dual signalling to be fitted for all new, medium to high risk intruder alarms. Holt Alarms supply and install Dual Com from CSL at which ever level you require including DP2, DP3 and DP4. Dual Com ensures that Intruder and fire Alarm Systems have the best possible chance of getting a signal from the protected premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre. A dual signalling device helps to distinguish genuine from false alarms and can therefore prevent your Police or Brigade response time from dropping to a lower level or being withdrawn.

Audible Speech Dialler

The alarm is connected to a speech dialler which enables the alarm system to send voice messages to a specified telephone number or a combination of telephone numbers (including mobile phones) in the event of alarm activation. A speech dialler can be a stand alone device attached to a burglar alarm or may be in built in the alarm control panel.

Please Note – Speech diallers do not make the burglar alarm qualify for police response.

24 Hour Monitored Alarm

A monitored alarm system is connected via telephone line and/or radio network to an alarm receiving centre (ARC). The ARC monitors the alarm 24 hours a day / 365 days of the year. In the event of an alarm activation the ARC alerts the key holders and or the Police as necessary. Monitored alarms incur a small monthly or annual service charge in addition to the installation costs of the alarm.